State Lectureships have been part of our brotherhood for many decades. They have proven to be effective instruments in helping brothers and sisters from state to state to actively love the brotherhood (I Peter 2:17).

Love shown at these events manifest itself in providing opportunity for those who are of the faith "once delivered to the saints" to share fellowship with one another. They discuss their faith to speak with unity on matters of faith. They also have found opportunity to review the state of the work in the state and plan missions to further evangelize it.

Churches across the state engage in methods that have proven effective for their cities. This is cause for great celebration. It also provides opportunity for churches to assess how similar practices might result in the expansion of the kingdom of God where they work.

The churches of Christ want to be diligent about building up new churches and establishing churches in areas where it does not exist. To these ends, the lectureship gives us a forum to map out strategy, commit to funding, and support preaches who will work in these mission areas.

Most fulfilling for those who have attended state lectureships over the years is experiencing the bonding and genuine love manifested in our continued willigness to be concerned about spiritual things, as well as each other. And as each generation grows older, it is joy beyond compare to see younger church members taking on the tasks of building up the churches of Christ in their home state.

We are thankful for yet another opportunity to live up to the purpose of fulfilling the will of God in our thoughts, actions, love, fellowship and work for the Lord.